125mm, 175mm And 300mm Box Gutter Quarter Round 1/2 Round 150mm Old Gothic 125mm And 150mm Fascia

Box Gutter    125/175/300mm       
A Commercial profile that is available in 3 sizes to suit all large capacity requirements. Supplied with internal or external brackets.

Quarter Round
Quarter Round spouting has a classic and graceful shape with its D profile appealing to most residential applications. Supplied with internal or external brackets.

1/2 Round 150mm    Half round spouting will add class & distinction to the eave line of any home.

Old Gothic 125mm
& 150mm

Old Gothic, is a classic design that offers traditional style with clean smart lines. Supplied with internal or external brackets.

Fascia can be used in conjunction with a wide number of roof types by incorporating a simple attachment system, allowing removal and re-installation without disturbing the main roof material.



We are the only Wellington manufacturer of roll form down pipes with our new rectangle 75x55mm downpipe machine.

This will complement the finest of homes with it's clean lines and classic look. As we are able to manufacture to length we eliminate the unnecessary use of joins elbows and bends. We also offer round downpipes in PVC and Coloursteel.


Leaf Guard

Leaf GuardLeaf guard prevents spouting from clogging with leaves and other debris. Leaf guard is available for both 125mm and 150mm Continuous Spouting and it comes in 1.2 metre lengths. Our leaf guard is designed so that you can easily get in underneath it to maintain your gutters by giving them a good clean out with the hose and a soft bristle brush at least once a year.